Thursday, 27 October 2016


Once upon a time in Fruitland...

In the Nation of Fruitland the highest position in their land was the Big Pineapple, the title given to their national leader.  

The Big Pineapple, knowing it held the solidity of compatriots, citizenry and other fruits of the nation, was one of the great leaders.  The current Big Pineapple was colourful, healthy to the core, and sweet but could also be prickly.  This Big Pineapple did a good job.  However in Fruitland, to be fair to everyone, national leaders have to stand down after four years.

This meant, the position of being the Big Pineapple was available to whomever the citizenry, Fruities, chose as their leader.  The abilities for being the Big Pineapple were an even temperament, ability to get on with others, able to manage the national economy in which all fruits equally worked and were paid, health care, safety, security and naturally, democracy.

The position was not one for liars, Demi-Fruits nor business fruits who had their own interests at heart instead of Fruitland, their great nation.

The time had come for Fruities to decide who they wanted to be the Big Pineapple.

The finalists in the running for the Nation’s Chief Executive, being the Big Pineapple, were Banana and Melons.  Although Melons is plural, it is one entity. 

So, there were two contestants.


Banana believed it was the best ever Fruitie to become the National Leader, the Chief Executive and take the Big Pineapple position, however, ego was in the way.  Banana, like many other bananas, thought it was the biggest, longest, thickest and able to give the most to the Fruities. 


Melons, also believed it was the best ever Fruitie to become the National Leader, the Chief Executive and wear the mantle of the Big Pineapple because of past experience working in the Big Fruit Bowl, had met, managed and successfully negotiated with representatives of many other nations.

Now, the Fruity citizens had to choose a leader, was it to be Banana or Melons?

The biggest and most well known faults of Banana was the propensity to blame others, was a braggart, not able to focus or stay 'on message' or be truthful.  Banana, being thick could not develop any valid or sensible plans or strategies for Fruitland citizens work, health care, security and, democracy.  In fact, Banana in wanting to make their nation greater than before, was a conflict because some, perhaps most Fruities thought their nation has always been great, even now.

On the other hand, Melons biggest faults were the difficulty in being able to communicate in a personal way, gave a misleading image as although Melons appear thin skinned and sometimes mushy inside, the Melon image appeared misleading.  Following, Fruities lost the Melon flavour. 

Melons had another negative issue based on honesty or openness or lack thereof.
Melons had been accused of causing many deaths in another far away nation.

The battle between Banana and Melons was troublesome.

Finding the taste unsavourable, some Fruities were not in favour or Banana or Melons as both had lost the flavour of what the Fruities wanted in their Big Pineapple.

Consequently, although some Fruities were fans of Banana and some of Melons, they would not vote for either. 

However, and also, there are a number of Fruities who will not be voting at all.

Here's the thing.
If a number of Fruities fail to vote at all, they are literally giving their vote and democratic rights away and afterwards, well may regret not having had a say in who wins the Big Pineapple position.  

Additionally, by not voting, it will be four years before the opportunity comes to have a say in who runs their nation.  Non-voters are cheating themselves.

However, if they vote for Banana or Melons and Banana or Melons gains the Big Pineapple position and does a good job, this Fruitie voter will feel pleased with being able to contribute.  Obviously if Banana or Melons does a lousy job, the elected Big Pineapple will not last long.  

The power is in the democratic hands of the voting Fruities.

Once, I was in a Fruitie position in that I strongly disliked both competitors running for Office.  I did not vote and I regretted if for a number of years.  I felt I cheated myself, others had a say and I had nothing to contribute to, be pleased for or whinge about, because I had no rights as I had thrown my democratic rights away.  Ever since then, I have always ensured I voted.

The Big Pineapple role is comprised of many people and positions, if Banana or Melons attains their goal and they are performing badly, there are many supporting Fruities that can deter or stop the stupidity of the Big Pineapple.

In conclusion

Feeling that both Banana and Melons were not good enough to be the Big Pineapple, some of the smarter Fruities decided to extract or not include their feelings for the two competitors and instead, made their decision of who they shall vote for by looking at the issues at stake in Fruitland.

The Fruities who voted this way felt they were making an informed decision and were pleased they did not cheat themselves out of their democratic rights to vote.

Enjoy your Democracy,

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Once Upon a Time, in the nethermost of godly stupidity, four gods decided to form a God Committee. Their idea was to unite and share their efforts in creation.

Each of the four gods individually believed they were clever and smart.  Secretly, to each of themselves, they believed they were the 'best ever', 'all-knowing' god.

However, their individual self-opinion and self-focus was detrimental to their achievements.

This Is The Story

In a remote galaxy system a new planet was forming.

Like Earth, the planet held an orbit around it's sun with a slow rotation on it's axis.
The new planet held an atmosphere similar to planet Earth.

Following millions of evolutionary years the planet’s environment consisted of hydrogen and oxygen.  In fact, an 'Earthly' atmosphere.

The God Committee claimed this former rock, now planet as their own.  As the God Committee was lacking creative naming ideas, they used the name 'Earth' and turned the letters backward. Hence, Planet Htrae.

The main differences between Earth and Htrae was that Earth was much larger and held more mountains, greenery and lush plants, animals and insect life because of abundant water.  From a distance Earth appeared blue but planet Htrae looked brownish grey.  

The gods, being concerned that Htrae had few plant and animal forms realised this had to be rectified.  So, they decided there was a need for running water.  

They created four rivers.  Now, because the four gods were ego-centric and not very creative, they named the rivers after themselves. Henceforth, the four rivers were named: Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear.  The god Fear was the wimpy one of the group, never expressed an opinion firm or otherwise, had any ideas nor contributed much.

When the rivers began flowing the God Committee were alarmed and did not understand why the rivers were exhibiting the behaviours of anger, hate, revenge and fear.  The God Committee did not realise the rivers were behaving how the four gods behave, that is, each one singularly being angry, hateful, revengeful and, fearful.

And, like the four gods, each river acted according to their individual will.

River Anger violently bashed, thrashed and abused.

River Hate sneeringly displayed excessive dislike and demeaned all.

River Revenge angrily raged, abused, falsely accused and 'got back' at those who had supposedly wronged.

River Fear timidly dribbled downstream whilst being frightened of everything in its path.

Towards the end of the rivers journey, they merged as a raging torrent with each trying to dominate the others, except for River Fear who, being overcome by the others, adopted an "oh whatever" attitude and flowed with lassitude over the bottom bedrock.

The raging violent melee finally became a lake.  Sadly, after the flow of anger, hate, revenge and fear, the lake became toxic, dismal and devoid of any nutrient rich life.  Thus, the God Committee failed to provide life forms such as those on Earth.

Unfortunately, the God Committee in their stupidity of creating rivers based on anger, hate, revenge and fear, created a disastrous situation.  After all, are not anger, hate, revenge and fear related, connected and capable of poisoning that which is in proximity?

The God Committee could not foresee events, so much for 'all-knowing'.

Now, the God Committee considered themselves as the only gods, they were the one the only, the original and no others existed.  This was onerous and very far from the truth.

There was another god who acted alone with no need for a committee.

This god had no gender, colour, physical features, language or anything.
There was no need.  However, because humans identify things by names, this god is named 'I Am'.

I Am was present only as a non-being, a non-entity.  I Am did not 'exist' nor be 'non-existient' in our human understanding.  I Am simply....'was', 'is' and 'always would be'.

I Am although named by humans is of  'non-existence' a god of 'nothingness' and because of 'nothingness' I Am both does and does not exist.

In contrast to the God Committee, in human terms, I Am is a god of love.


I Am created a river where no other rivers or lake existed.

Because I Am both does and does not exist, I Am has no emotions nor other human traits and therefore, no ego.

For human purposes, the name of the new waterway is the River of I Am.

The River of I Am peacefully, calmly flowed into another lake on planet Htrae and the lake teemed with life such as grasses, worms, insects, crustacea, fish and many plants.

One side of Htrae was experiencing death throes and the other side was peaceful, alive, and held richness of life.


The God committee was distressed that rivers Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear were so destructive that the waters became toxic.  The toxic waters flowed into their lake and because the toxicity was so high, the lake slowly died and this affected the climate and plants in the area and plants died and following, the four rivers also died.  The God Committee did not understand why.

The River of I Am and the lake into which I Am's waters flowed, continued to remain clean, fresh and healthy.  

I Am, observed all, instead of being self-focussed like the God Committee.
I Am, being wise, could see the toxicity of Rivers Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear poisoning all living things within the proximity of the lake of these rivers.

I Am knew in time, the toxicity of the God Committee river water may reach the River of I Am.

I Am had created the only clean pure water, rivers and lake on planet Htrae and wisely knew that love is needed for survival and growth.

Negatives such anger, hate, revenge and fear can be overcome by love, although at times, without much patience and kindness, toxicity can leach and poison everything.

The God Committee may have recognised their error, but let us not leave everything up to the gods.  

With the riddance of our ego-centric self, doing our best, being self-reliant and not trusting some intangible omnipresence to correct errors in our world, we can ensure the deterrence of toxicity in our lives and our planet.

God or gods may or may not exist however whatever we consider gods to be or not be, it is folly to see them in our own image, because being a seemingly ethereal existent or non-existent entity, they are not human nor do they consist of human emotions.

Take more personal control over anger, hate, revenge and fear. 
Be wary of being a part of any 'God' Committee as we must stand on our own feet.  
Not all God or other committees really understand what they are doing when they hold their own interests above others.  

Human life is short, we must refuse to be poisoned by Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear and, we must look after the River I Am.


Dead river -
Two planets -
Stream - Val Verde

Monday, 29 August 2016


(This a distant cousin)

Once upon a time, in a far away field lived a happy little mushroom.

She was a pretty mushroom, her cap was white with large red spots and the underneath was...well...mushroom coloured.  Her stalk was cream and a bit thick at the bottom where it met the soil.

The Happy Mushroom lived by herself on a mound near the top of a rise in the field which was very large.  Although she was alone, a fact she had no control over, she was happy.  Each day as the sun rose she welcomed the warmth of daylight and in the evening she welcomed being wrapped in darkness.  Much like any other mushroom I suppose. 

The Happy Mushroom enjoyed her outdoor existence and was continually occupied in feeling the changes of weather, seasons, sounds of the outdoors as well as the presence of other living things.  She not only enjoyed life but she loved being surrounded by life itself.

However, as time drew on the Happy Mushroom became dissatisfied and became the Not So Happy Mushroom.

So, being smart, the now Not So Happy Mushroom knew she had to do something to improve things.  She wanted to become the Happy Mushroom she once was and enjoy her life again.

She began to think about how she could fix things.

Fixing things began with thinking about the cause of her dissatisfaction, what could she do about it and, what would make her happy again.

She was alone, immobilised on the top of a rise in a very big field. 

What could she do?

The now Not So Happy Mushroom, being an outdoorsy mushroom, began solving her dilemma by thinking about her nutrition and then examining how she felt about things.  After all, did her mother not tell her about the wisdom of the sage of mushrooms knows as ‘The Big Fungus’ and that he used to say that nutrition for mushroom growth comes from two places, good earth and the enjoyment of being?

Now, the Not So Happy Mushroom firstly thought about her place on the mound in the field and naturally she was rooted to the spot.  Literally rooted!  So she could do nothing about it.  She was to remain in this spot forever.  She considered the earth to which her roots were bound and then she realised something important.

As she had been on the mound all her life, there were a few unfortunate factors.  Firstly, being on a mound, over time, rainfall washed earth away from her roots and secondly, her roots had been removing nutrients from the soil.  In short, her nutrition larder was becoming scant of good quality mushroomy minerals.

The Not So Happy Mushroom was beginning to solve her problem. She had addressed the issue of nutrition, but not how to improve it.

‘What would ‘The Big Fungus’ say?’ she thought.

Thus began the use of her ‘being’ that ‘The Big Fungus’ used to expose as his philosophy, a bit like Buddhism or Taoism.

‘What would ‘The Big Fungus’ do?’ she asked.

The Not So Happy Mushroom realised she was now becoming the Little Philosophical Mushroom.

But really, all she wanted to be was the Happy Little Mushroom again but this would not happen unless she kept on following her path and that path took her back to nutrition, of the mineral kind.

The Little Philosophical Mushroom came to the conclusion that somehow or other she needed to be sitting in and being surrounded by better quality soil.  So, by putting on her metaphorical philosophical cap, she figured the only way to be surrounded by highly nutritional soil again was to ‘feel’ it into ‘being’, to ‘think’ herself being surrounded by, and a part of rich nutritional humus, grass and other such naturally fiberous material.

The former Happy Mushroom who had become the Not So Happy Mushroom and then the Little Philosophical Mushroom whilst being rooted to the spot did what The Big Fungus used to do. 

She stilled her inner self by excluding sounds, smells, vibrations and all other extraneous distractions.

Whilst meditating with images of being surrounded by good quality grass and other humus type material, her inner voice was saying over and over:

 ‘I am...surrounded by good nutrition,
  I am...surrounded by good nutrition,
  I am...surrounded by good nutrition, 
  I am...surrounded by good nutrition’

Over and over and over and over, in her mind she continually pictured being surrounded by good mushroom nutrition and her inner dialogue and image continued and never stopped.

The afternoon, evening, night, dawn, day passed and a few days later as the morning coldness and frost was still present, the sun rose from he horizon.  And as the Mushroom emerged from her meditation, she felt different.  The morning, although very cold, her roots felt very warm, she could smell the morning grass but it was much sweeter and as she slowly emerged she realised a major change had occurred in her life. 

It was this morning that she became aware that she was almost fully covered in some kind of mushy grassy fresh sweet smell of humus rich soil.

The former Happy Mushroom who had become the Not So Happy Mushroom and then the Little Philosophical Mushroom whilst being rooted to the spot doing what The Big Fungus used to do was now the Happy Mushroom again!!!!

Not so far away was a Happy Cow and, the Happy Mushroom was almost completely covered in cow manure!!!


Moral of the story, if you have faith and focus on what you want, it can happen.

You too can be a metaphorical Happy Little Mushroom.


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2. Field image:
3. Cow image:

Friday, 1 July 2016


We have all heard the question: 'If you were an animal, what would you be?'
However, I have a different take on this question.


Came home the end of a long day, tired, hungry and could not be bothered cooking...but I craved cheese!

Then the question came to me, "If I were cheeze, what sort would I be?"

Really earth shattering save-the-world stuff I know!

But, I have a few thoughts on what kind of cheese I am.

AM I...

Blue vein?                 No...not many blue veins showing through my skin

Stilton?                      No...I am not that stinky

Gruyer?                     Nope...I am not really subtle

Rockfort, rocqueaut, rocqfuart, wrockfaurt, rockfaught, rock...oh darn it...I can't be rockfrourt..I can't even spell it!

If I can't spell it...I am not rockfraught.

Edam?                       Well...I am rather round, but I am not shaped like a ball

Fruit cheese              Hey yes...I am a bit fruity...and a bit nuts..perhaps I am a fruit                                                   cheeze?

Brie?                           Again, I am roudish...but not that round and subtle, but I am not                                             crusty

Camembert?             Well...again, I may be just a tad crusty...soft, pliable and a bit squishy.

Gorgonzola?              Have no idea what it looks or tastes like me

Cheddar?                   Yes...I am yellow sometimes and crumble and have a bit of tang.

Then again...maybe I am the 'Big Cheeze'?

It seems a few of the above cheezes seem to fit moderately well.

I wonder if I am more of a fruit?

Banana                        Well...I am not the right shape

Orange                         No...I am not thick skinned

Melon                          Um...some bits of me are melon shaped

Passionfruit                 I am passionate...but not seedy

Grape                           I am white, juicy and have been known to hang off vines on the                                               odd occasion.

Peach                           I am pink, sometimes fuzzy....mmm...reminds me...must shave                                                 my legs soon

Pear                             Yes, that is me.  I am pear shaped, sweet, juicy and rather                                                           pleasing to the eye, at least, that is what some of the boys say

Nectarine                    No fuzz (though I still have to shave my legs) smooth skin, feels                                                 good...a bit heavy

Strawberry                  No, I am more pear shaped

Blueberry                    I am bigger than a blueberry and not blue

Raspberry                   Have been known to give people raspberries, but I am not one

Cumquat                     Have no idea what it looks like

Lemon                         Yes, on a bad day I can be a sour lemon.  But because I can be                                                   sour this does not make me a lemon

So, what does all this mean?


Fruit cheeze                I am fruity and a bit nuts
Camembert                Have a crust, soft, pliable and squishy
Cheddar                      I sometimes crumble and have a bit of tang
Melon                         Some bits of me are melon can work that out!
Grape                          I am white and juicy
Peach                          I am pink, sometimes fuzzy
Pear                             Shaped like one and am sweet, and pleasant looking, at least I                                                  think so.


It really seems I am a combination of Fruit Cheeze, Camembert, Cheddar, Melon, Grape, Peach and a Pear.


I am not any one of these things because (drum roll)...


It is obvious to me now.  I am a mixture of everything!



Photo Credits:
Mouse 1.;
Cheeze Board;
Roquefort cheese;
Mouse 2.; Unknown
Fruit and Cheeze Platter; Betty

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Swim in the wrong direction and you may end up in the can.

Such is the life of this little sardine and the tale of his tail.

Two little sardines, in their afterlife were observing a family of humans enjoying a meal.

The large sardine was named Tom and the smaller one was Timmy.

Tom and Timmy had been best friends since they were small...well...except that Tom has always been bigger and older.

Tom and Timmy were not that interested in anything that happens because a poet, in her wisdom wrote and sang: ‘Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.’

So, Tom and Timmy were simply waiting for nothing to ever happen.

Tom, being the most life experienced sardine was simply observing the family when he realised something.

Tom turned to Timmy...looking at his mate’s tail noticed that there was a piece missing from the fin area.  Not wanting to bother Timmy or upset him, because Timmy was always conscious about his appearance, Tom said nothing. 
After all, if Tom said something perhaps Timmy might become upset.

Timmy...not interested in anything not happening, was watching Tom watching him...Timmy.

“So...?” says Timmy to Tom.

“So...?” replies to Tom to Timmy.

They both looked down at the family enjoying their repast.

The two sardines were looking down at their worldly bodies resting on a green salad.

“ did that happen???” asked Timmy of Tom.

Tom, not wanting to upset Timmy, feigned ignorance.

“What?” asked Tom.

“Like... us being here...somewhere...a place where nothing ever happens and look...look Tom!  Our lovely shiney bodies down there!  How did that happen! Tom?”  Timmy was quite aghast trying to look down but was horrified because the both of them had no heads and one had half a tail.

Tom replied, “I don't know, I remember being in a big net kind of thing and then pulled from the water and dumped on some kind of human clanking thing in the dark.

It pushed me on and on, and on, around and around and next thing I knew, my head and tail was chopped off.  Then, here I am with you Timmy, looking down at ourselves after being pushed out of that metal thing...a tin.  We do look nice on top of that green stuff though.”

Timmy began to panic and carry on like a chook...or something with a head chopped off...but then again....

Timmy was really beginning to panic and become very upset.

“What about me! No head, with only part of my tail...what happened to the rest of my tail, I loved my was the best bit of me.  I loved my swished and swashed and looked rather handsome...or so I thought! Look at it now!!!”

Tom answered...”Timmy, get real...I can't look at you...I've got no head!”

Tom reverted to being the wise old fatherly figure to Timmy and quietly explained.

“ is like this.  We have been very lucky, our lives may be finished earlier than we would have liked but look at us, although we are dead and our bodies no longer of use to us, we have benefited others.  We are food to humans, while other smaller things in the ocean were our food.  Our appearance now is of little importance, but what is important is that we can benefit other creatures.”

“See Timmy that's how it is, we have no heads, tails scales or bodies but we know we are here together.  You know you can see me but it is not a seeing things with our eyes, it is a feeling kind of way of seeing.  It is different, we may not have a physical presence...but we have presence in a different way...we can still see things...but differently with our feelings.”

Timmy was really not too accepting of Tom’s ideas but said nothing.

Tom continued. “I see us being formless beings...we are here...we know we are here...and just because we can't see each other...we feel and communicate through our presence.”

“Yeah right.” Timmy replied sullenly with cynicism. 
“So what now?  We hang around here in heaven where nothing ever happens waiting for nothing to ever happen?”

“Yes Tommy, but something will happen.  See, we are formless beings or energies simply waiting until we move on to become other living things and become useful again. Just because we see ourselves on that green salad heads...tail or half a does not matter.  What does matter is that we still continue to exist in some form or other.
Our appearance does not matter anymore.”

“Yeah...right ok...but I still want my tail back.” Timmy complained.

Tom kindly and patiently answered:

“Timmy, get over it, it ain’t gunna happen. Forget it and move on. We can't go back.
It is like all life, once things happen...good or bad...we just have to accept things and move on.”

At that juncture, something in heaven did happen. 
Tom and Timmy began to move onto a new life.


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